Where do you get solar water pumps?

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Choosing a solar powered water pump over a conventional electric water pump is popular these days. For instance, the market for solar fountain pumps has definitely expanded in recent years. It’s relatively easy these days for people to find a solar powered pond pump or solar fountain kit. However, they might not be sold in all physical stores yet. People will also need to read reviews online in order to find the best possible models for their purposes and areas.

Online Shopping

Actually finding solar water pumps should not be difficult for most people. For the most part, actually getting these devices is a matter of ordering them online. There are plenty of great models available on Amazon, for instance. People will usually just need to order their solar water pumps in the way that they would order anything else.

However, this might be an issue for the people who live in some areas. After all, most online shopping sites will have a tendency to ship to certain areas and not others. However, these days, it is getting easier to find online shopping sites that will have a broader base of customers.

Solar Companies

Most of the companies themselves would be happy to ship solar water pumps to the people who need them. Ordering from solar companies directly might be the most efficient way to get them in some cases. People who often have trouble ordering items from online shopping websites will tend to find that solar companies themselves will usually ship to a wide range of locations because they’re specifically focusing on these products.

Some solar companies will operate on a purely regional level, of course, but it might be a local enough region for specific customers. Solar companies are also expanding their range all the time, so this might be a more viable option for a wider range of customers soon enough. Solar companies are becoming more successful economically, largely due to the increasing demand for their products. This means that it will be easier for people to get their hands on the products that they need.


Some areas will have solar product suppliers. Their funding will come from a range of different sources, depending on the area. Getting in contact with them can be the first step forward for the people who are interested in getting the solar water pumps that they need. Several suppliers of solar water pumps can be obtained at Amazon.com.

Suppliers are becoming more common in the modern world, in fact. As the general public becomes more aware of the benefits associated with solar power, the demand for solar water pumps is increasing. There will be more solar suppliers in a wider range of areas before long, and this will include the suppliers that get funding from the government.
solar panels

Solar powered devices, in general, are plentiful these days, and that should make it easier for people to get all of the benefits associated with them, including the cost savings. Several brands of solar water pumps can be found on Amazon.com.

What is the cost of a solar water pump set?

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When purchasing a solar powered water pump, people will obviously want to know about the associated costs immediately. It should be noted that not every solar fountain pump will have the same price. People can get a solar powered pond pump at a reasonable rate. For instance, they can purchase a solar fountain kit for a higher rate if they need the associated features that it has. The solar powered water pumps that are available at bargain rates will typically have fewer features than the most expensive models. However, one way or another, people should still be able to get something that will work for them.

Initial Installation

For the most part, the main set of costs that people will have to worry about when it comes to solar powered water pumps will relate to the initial installation. After that, these are devices that are capable of generating power using solar power hence zero fuel costs. They won’t require additional fuel inputs. Most of them will also need very few forms of costly maintenance. People should be able to calculate the costs of solar powered water pumps based on the initial installation of the device primarily.

For instance, a good solar fountain pump kit can cost around 120 US dollars or so. Some of the more extensive models will cost around 300 US dollars. It is possible to find versions that will cost less than 100 US dollars, however, so people shouldn’t assume that they will always have to invest a decent amount of money in these devices. The majority of them should be able to pay for themselves quickly.

It is true that the initial installation costs will vary depending on the nature of the device that people will need. Some people will have to get solar devices that are capable of sustaining a comparatively large body of water at a considerable depth. Other people will be able to get away with devices that were designed for small bodies of water. In most cases, those are going to be less expensive.


Some people will get funding for the costs of their solar powered water pumps, and this can make things easier for the people who want to reduce their initial costs as much as possible. In this case, the type of solar water pump will matter, as will the energy output that it is capable of producing.

There are subsidies that people will be able to get for their solar powered water pumps, depending on exactly what they’re using them for in the first place. This should make it easier for all people to explore devices like this as options. Some people who work in aquaculture or hydroponics will try to get the subsidies that they need for their solar water pumps.

For the most part, solar water pumps will be just right for the people who are trying to find a way to save money on energy costs. Check out solar water pumps at Amazon.com

Solar fountain pump – A review of some popular brands in the market

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Finding sources on the best solar powered water pump can still be somewhat tricky today. There still aren’t a lot of review sites that will specifically focus on the quality of a solar fountain pump line. However, it is still possible to find lists that will compare solar powered pond pump brands and different solar fountain kit types. People can use customer reviews to guide them as well. They might be able to give other people more information to use by writing reviews themselves.

Hozelock Ltd

There are plenty of great Hozelock Ltd solar fountain pumps. These devices have a tendency to have a very basic appearance. However, many people will still be able to strongly benefit from them. Most customers in this field will care more about the performance of the device than its appearance.

Many of their products have essential battery backup stores. This means that Hozelock Ltd products will still be able to function to a certain extent on the cloudier days of the year. They will also be able to take full advantage of the sunniest days, storing some surplus energy for the literal darker times. The flow rate for Hozelock Ltd products can also be favorable. There are companies that will produce products with a better flow rate, of course. Still, these products should be very effective for the price.

PK Green

These products will be better in terms of aesthetics than some of the others that people will find on the market today. Setting up most PK Green products should take minutes. They were designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Many of these products are also favorable in terms of the low maintenance costs that customers can expect. The control box might run into some leaks, but overall, customers have been favorable about the longevity of PK Green products.

Since PK Green has a lot of battery-powered products, they will be more likely to function on days with a lot of cloud cover. Most PK Green products should last people for a long time. These kits might not be the most versatile products that customers will be able to find, but they will work well enough for specific customers.

Pond Boss

Pond Boss products are very popular among solar customers in general. Pond Boss has a wide range of products that people will need for their outdoor bodies of water, and that includes solar fountain pumps. Their solar fountain pumps are known for being able to work more efficiently at night and on overcast days than the solar fountains of many of their competitors.

Installing Pond Boss products are typically easy. Their products are less likely to sustain water damage than many of the others as well. Most of their fountain pumps are truly only useful for ponds in the first place and not deeper bodies of water, but that will not be a problem for many customers.

A solar water pump calculator could help people get a sense of the cost savings that they can expect when they use Pond Boss products and all other products in this category.

Which one to use a submersible or surface water pump?

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There are many factors that go into choosing the right water pump. It’s useful for people to familiarize themselves with the different water pumps that are on the market today. This can be enough to give them an idea of which solar powered water pump or solar fountain pump they need. There are also some guidelines that people should remember if they want to get the best possible water pumps for their purposes.

Type of Water Source

The actual water source can determine which water pump is the best option for everyone involved. Some water sources might blur the line, of course, especially if they’re artificial water sources. However, there should still be some that will clearly benefit from either submersible water pumps or surface water pumps.

Generally speaking, people who need the water pumps for ponds or open wells should use surface water pumps. A borewell will typically require a submersible water pump instead. The water table of a borewell is going to vary in most cases, of course.

However, it’s common for the water table depth involved to be around thirty-two to fifty feet or deeper than that. If the water depth has reached that point, a submersible water pump can be used instead of a surface water pump. Different water sources tend to vary in the level of depth that people can expect, and this can make things challenging for the people who are trying to find a way to choose the best possible water pump.

Still, borewells are almost always going to need a submersible water pump. Open wells and ponds will need a surface water pump. Bodies of water that are similar to ponds will typically need a surface water pump as well. Few natural bodies of water are ever going to get deep enough to justify the submersible water pumps that are used with borewells. Almost all natural bodies of water will require surface water pumps.


Often times, choosing a solar powered pond pump or solar fountain kit is just a matter of understanding the water depth involved. If people are working in depths of less than twenty-five feet, using a surface water pump will be better. If less than one hundred and ten feet are involved, a much more submersible water pump will be ideal.

If the depth reaches levels of over one hundred and ten feet, a four-inch submersible water pump might be the best choice. One way or another, choosing a submersible or surface water pump is usually a function of the depth of the water involves.

Solar Water Pumps

One way or another, solar water pumps will certainly be able to save people some money. These pumps will not require any additional energy inputs following their installation. A solar water pump calculator can help people get a sense of how much money they would save by choosing solar water pumps over electric water pumps. These savings might be particularly pronounced for the people who are choosing certain solar water pumps over others or who need certain solar water pumps.

Why solar water pumps?

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Solar water pumps are significantly more common than they used to be, and a lot of people are trying to compare them to traditional electric water pumps. Comparisons between older and newer forms of technology are inevitable, and people should not assume that this means that there is any real equivalence between the two automatically. Solar water pumps have a lot of clear advantages over their electric counterparts, which is why they are rising in popularity.


Obviously, solar water pumps are automatically more sustainable than conventional electric water pumps. Electric water pumps will continue to need more fuel in the form of electricity to work. After the initial installation of solar water pumps, these products do not require additional inputs.

Water pumps that are able to rely on clean solar power are clearly better for the environment than their electric counterparts. They won’t introduce toxins into their immediate environment, and they won’t have to use nonrenewable fuel in order to carry out their basic functions.

Cost Savings

A solar powered water pump will not need additional sources of fuel in order to operate after its initial installation. This means that there are few costs associated with, for instance, a solar fountain pump after it has been put into place. This is not the case with the conventional electric water pumps of the past, which continually need to get fueled by electricity.

Invulnerability to Power Outages

Conventional electric water pumps will become ineffective immediately when power outages occur, or even during certain fluctuations in the availability of local power supplies. Power outages can be devastating to systems that rely on electricity entirely. A solar fountain kit will not have the same vulnerabilities.


Solar water pumps can be installed in a wide range of different locations. Even if the area is very remote and there is no local supply of electricity, the solar water pumps will still work. Diesel fuel is not always available either, and it’s certainly not a clean and renewable source of fuel. The extreme versatility of solar water pumps automatically makes them more useful than electric water pumps.


Customers will not even need to use lubricants in order to keep solar water pumps going. Lubricants will constitute an additional expense. Since lubricants also introduce pollutants into the environment, the fact that they’re unnecessary in this instance has important implications for sustainability.

These water pumps have fewer mechanical parts compared with their electric counterparts. As such, people will have fewer parts that they need to replace down the line. Problems with wear and tear should be reduced automatically as well. This means that the solar water pumps will last for a longer period of time than people would expect in the first place. No one will have to spend extra money purely in the act of maintaining them for a longer period of time either.

Ease of Use

For the most part, solar water pumps are very user-friendly. Electric water pumps are often more difficult to understand and to operate than solar water pumps which can be operated right away without any additional issues.

Does a solar water pump work in cloudy and foggy days?

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When people switch to solar power in the first place, they will tend to have a lot of different concerns. These concerns are in place whether people choose to buy a solar-powered water pump, solar fountain pump, solar-powered pond pump, or solar fountain kit. People will often specifically ask whether or not they can expect the same performance from their solar-powered water pumps when it starts to get cloudy outside. The answer to this question is complicated, actually, and it depends on a number of different factors.

The Type of Solar Powered Water Pump

Not all of these products are manufactured the same. In most cases, solar pumps will work during foggy and cloudy days, because all that is needed is sunlight to trigger loosely held electrons on solar panels to produce electricity. At nighttime, solar panels will definitely not produce electricity, but battery banks can be used to store excess electricity products in the daytime so that they can be used in the night time. It is advisable to read reviews in order to find the solar-powered water pumps that will work for you if you live in areas that are prone to experiencing overcast days.

Quality of the Battery

There are some solar-powered water pumps that have fantastic rechargeable batteries. This gives them the ability to store the power that they produced during the day for long periods of time, making nighttime operation possible. Clouds will never block out the sun entirely, so storing and producing energy during overcast days will still be possible for products like these. The pond boss PF66SOL-B Solar Fountain Pump Kit is a good example of this sort of solar fountain kit.

Obviously, solar fountain kits like this will still have some issues. For one thing, many of them will only work for relatively small bodies of water. In other words, they didn’t need all that much power, to begin with, so it’s easier for them to run on the relatively small amount of power that they can store during the day when it’s sunny outside.

It’s also possible that these solar fountain kits will still work at night, but they won’t work for the full night. People who are relying on more continuous operations might still have an issue with these devices. Some batteries will be better than others, and they will make continuous nighttime operation more or less plausible for the people who need it.

Hybrid Devices

There is no doubt about the fact that solar-powered water pumps will tend to run into problems on overcast days or when it’s dark outside. A lack of direct sunlight is still an issue for all of them. People might need solar-powered water pumps that can also rely on other forms of power during certain points. Diesel or electric fuel will be able to make up the difference.

However, even in those cases, people will still be saving on electricity. Using less electricity is still better. People will still end up saving money on fuel costs, even if diesel fuel or electricity will sometimes be important.

Solar Powered Water Pumps -Grundfos Solar Water Pumps Review

solar powered water pumpGrundfos is one of the manufacturers of solar powered water pumps that is based in Denmark. Grundfos has more than 18,000 employees globally and has an annual production of more than 16 million pump units. Grundfos is also represented by more than 80 companies in more than 55 countries and is actually the World’s largest manufacturer of pump systems.

When it comes to solar powered water pumps, Grundfos started experimenting with solar after the global oil crisis in the 1970s when the world realized that oil resources were not infinite. Grundfos entered the solar market in the initial stages of the solar industry before there was really a market.

Today, Grundfos is one of the market leaders when it comes to solar powered solar pumps as well as other renewable energy driven pump solutions. Most of the Grundfos renewable energy products can run on solar and wind power and such technologies are applied mostly in the most remote areas in the world to help access clean water. With renewable energy going mainstream, solar powered water pumps and wind powered pumps are now used in both large and small-scale operations in many industries all over the world.

Available Solar Powered Water Pumps from Grundfos.

The solar pump types provided by Grundfos include submersible, surface mount and floating renewable pumping solutions that are used in a range of applications in remote places for stock watering, irrigation and for agricultural water supply and transfer.

There are three main models of solar powered water pumps offered by Grundfos, namely:

1. CRflex

2. SQflex

3. MTRflex

1. CRflex – Solar Powered Surface Mount Pump has a built-in MPPT software and motor protection. It is easy to install with very low maintenance requirements and a wide voltage range (30 to 300 VDC) compatible with both AC & DC. Has a flow rate of 18m3/h with a 180m (Head). The pump can be used with solar, mains and generator.

2. SQflex -Solar Powered Submersible Pump has a high efficiency permanent magnet motor with in built MPPT software and motor protection employed with helical or multistage centrifugal hydraulics. Has a wide voltage range of between 30 to 300 VDC with a flow rate of 18m3/h and 250 (head). This pump can be used with solar, mains, generator and battery back-up.

3. MTRFlex : Solar Powered Submersible Pump for floating applications (e.g. drawing water from a dam) has a robust MGflex motor and a vertical multi-stage submersible pump (MTRF) that is compatible with AC and DC power that can be used with solar, mains and generator. Has a motor size of 0.88 kW or 1.73 kW with a voltage range of between 30 to 300 VDC.

Grundfos offers a monitoring system and control system, the Grundfos remote management (GRM) that provide a live monitoring, analysis and a full overview of the operation and trends. Grundfos also offers an online platform to help users determine the best solar powered water pump by just inputting the head, daily water demand and location. This platform is a sizing tool to help users select the right pump for installation or replacement. Find this online solar tool by visiting this web page. Find more solar powered water pumps review here. 














Four reasons why solar powered generators are worth it!

Power Outage Preparation

Solar powered generators can make all the difference in the world in the lives of multitudes of users. For a lot of people, these generators are particularly important in the event of a power outage of some sort. Solar powered generators can be charged just using the sun, which is a ubiquitous power source. Charging these generators in advance can make a huge difference when it comes to whether or not people will be prepared for power outages.

Improvements to Solar Powered Generators

With solar powered generators, the solar panels are attached to a generator. The solar panels will harvest the sunlight, converting it to electricity and then sending that electricity to the generator where it can be stored. The high capacity battery within the generator is capable of storing the newly generated electricity.

Solar powered generators have gotten much better at storing electricity over the years. They’re generally much better at harvesting the solar power in the first place with their more effective panels. The capacity of the batteries has also expanded greatly. As such, it’s getting easier for people to be able to meet more of their electricity needs and power needs in general through solar generators.

The Power of Solar Generators

It’s important to note just how powerful modern solar generators really are. In order to get an equivalent level of power with most other generators, users would typically need a full system install. The battery capacities of solar generators are truly extremely high in the modern world. Solar generators really are capable of keeping the essentials running for very extended periods of time.

Once people pay for the initial solar generator, they will typically be able to save a lot of money on electricity in the long run. The electricity that they produce from then on will be free in a way that the electricity that they would harvest otherwise never would be or could be for them. Solar generators are efficient in almost every single way, and people can truly get a lot of energy from them each and every time.

Safe Solar Generators

One of the great things about solar generators is that they are environmentally friendly in a way that makes them very safe for all users. Many other fuel systems will produce fumes that can be toxic in large concentrations and when they are not properly routed. Some people will suffer tremendous health problems directly as a result of fuel systems that they have.

Solar powered generators are capable of truly giving people clean energy, so this is not an issue. Obviously, this sort of clean energy is better for the environment. However, it’s also safer for other members of the household. There are no toxic fumes that can accumulate at the wrong moment. Solar generators are able to produce a lot of power at a high level, and most other systems would produce a lot of toxic fumes at the same level. Solar generators are truly effective and tremendously safe.

Learn more about brands and models of solar powered generators. Also you can determine the savings that you can achieve to go solar by using this solar panel calculator from EnergySage.

Solar powered water pumps: Benefits and Applications

Solar powered water pumps – Definition

A solar powered water pump is just like any other conventional electric pump with the exception that it is powered using solar photo voltaic (PV) technology instead of fossil fuels or electricity to pump water at a certain height or to a certain distance.

A solar powered water pump can be used for various functions and can be a better option over conventional (diesel or electric) pumps because of its reduced long-term costs. Solar powered water pumps have no fuel costs and have miniminal labor or maintenance costs.

Due to volatility of oil prices, gas /diesel pumps may be an expensive option in the long-term and that’s when a solar powered water pump comes handy. In addition, in certain areas with limited access to the grid, for example many rural areas in developing countries, use of a solar powered water pump can be one of your best options to assist with your water pumping needs.

Solar PV technology and water pumps

A solar powered water pump works using the principle of solar PV technology where solar PV cells convert sunlight directly into electricity that is used to run a motor drive. Such pumps mostly use direct current (DC) provided by a PV array. However, newer versions use a variable frequency AC motor and a three-phase AC pump controller powered directly by solar panels and are monitored using computer software.

Types of Solar Powered Water Pumps

There are two types of solar powered water pumps, that is submersible solar pumps & surface solar pumps. Submersible solar pumps are completely submerged or installed under water in a well, but can also be used in a pond or stream while surface solar pumps are mounted at water level or on top of water and are designed to draw water from about 20 vertical feet and pumping water over long distances. So depending on whether your solar pump is submersible or surface, below are some of the solar powered water pumps that are already available in the market, i.e.

  • Submersible pump with built-in drive (DC- AC)
  • Submersible DC pump with external controller
  • Submersible pump with external drive
  • Surface pump

What are the uses of a solar powered water pump?

A solar powered water pump is used for various applications. However, the main use is to extract water from ponds, rivers, bore wells or other sources of water for various applications, including but not limited to:

  • Irrigation
  • Drinking water
  • Responsible leisure
  • Industrial use etc

The main benefit or advantage of a solar powered water pump over conventional pumps is that once installed, solar pumps are fuel free and hence do not incur recurring costs associated with main grid (electricity) or diesel fuel. Therefore, because of this reason, solar powered pumps comes in handy in many off-grid places and especially in developing countries.

Some popular brands of solar powered water pumps in the market.

Some of the most popular manufacturers of solar water pumps in the market include the following:

  • Advanced power
  • Aquatec
  • Cap solar
  • Dank off solar pumps
  • Grundfos
  • Lorentz
  • Shurflo
  • Sunmotor international
  • Sunpumps
  • Sunrotor