Month: March 2018

solar battery

Can we use solar energy without batteries?

It depends on whether you are connected to the grid or not … Can we use solar energy without batteries? It is possible to use solar panels without batteries if you are connected to the grid. However, if you are not connected to the grid, you will need to own batteries to store excess electricity produced by your solar panels. People not connected to the grid need solar batteries ……

How long does a solar panel take to pay for itself

How long does a solar panel take to pay for itself?

This a typical question asked by people considering owning solar panels for their house or business. Since solar panels are supposed to help you reduce your energy costs; knowing the pay-back period before purchasing your solar panels will help you make an informed decision and answering the question: Are solar panels worth it? Solar Panel Payback Period The solar panel payback period is considered as the amount of time taken…

go solar

What are some solar calculators to consider when you want to go solar?

With the increasing demand for solar energy and people wanting to decide about going solar; new online tools have been developed with solar consumers in mind to help them make informed decisions about going solar. shares most of these new online tools to help online users decide about solar. These tools range from financial calculators, LIDAR developed rooftop solar potential tools such as EnergySage , Google Project Sunroof etc…