Month: February 2019

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Solar incentives for going solar in Delaware

Natural gas is one of the energy sources used in many places in Delaware, however solar, wind and other renewables are also growing among homeowners and businesses. With the reduction of solar panel prices in Delaware, solar adoption rates continue to improve. Also the government provides solar incentives to assist solar buyers to reduce the upfront cost of going solar. The main incentive reducing the cost of installing solar is…

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Solar tax credits, solar cash rebates and other solar incentives to help reduce the cost of going solar.

In addition to the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) that offers up to 30% to reduce your overall solar PV cost; many states have solar rebate or incentive programs that are targeted to encourage uptake of commercial and residential solar PV. Also, many states use regulatory mechanisms such as net metering, solar renewable energy credits (SREC), renewable energy portfolio standards (RPS) to increase solar installations. Solar financial incentives such as…

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Going solar in Atlanta, GA

Every state has its own specific policy, regulation and other factors that affect adoption of solar PV or renewable energy in general. For instance, Georgia (Peach State) has its own specific incentive programs to promote residential and commercial solar in Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah, Athens, Sandy Springs, Macon and other parts of Georgia. Georgia is endowed with a good solar potential and has a solar installed capacity of 1563.11 (MW) and was…