Month: April 2019

energy efficiency

What is a solar photovoltaic system?

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) is a technology that works well to provide solar electricity suitable for running most of your electrical needs such as air conditioning, lighting, refrigeration, water pumping, etc. However, when it comes to thermal or heating needs, solar PV is not well suited.  Solar PV can provide thermal energy, but it will require many solar panels than usual making it expensive. For cost-effectiveness purposes, solar electricity (PV) is…

100% renewables

100% renewable energy

With the increasing awareness of consumers wanting to go green and the need to fight climate change, the private sector has joined the government and the civil society in efforts to transitioning to clean energy.   Well-known companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc have already achieved the 100% renewable electricity target to power their facilities around the world thus reducing their global carbon footprint.   Other major companies like IKEA, Morgan Stanley, McKinsey…

solar calculator

What are solar financing options for buying solar panels?

One of the main barriers to buying your best solar panels has always been the high initial cost of solar panels. With the high solar panel cost for your PV system depending on system size, location, system performance and the cost of finance; a few flexible solar financing solutions have been developed with the customer in mind.  The first option is a solar power purchase agreement (solar PPA) that allows a homeowner or…