Month: October 2019

how long does it take to charge an electric car

Are all electric car chargers the same?

Are all electric car chargers the same? Go to a gas station and fill your car with gasoline. It’s easy and it’s fast, no matter if you drive a Ford or a Mercedes. An electric car is different because there are different charging systems available for these cars. And this can complicate the use of an electric car considerably. Instead of having one type of fuel (gasoline) that is available…

jackery portable power station explorer 160

RV solar panels

RV solar panels If you have a recreational vehicle, then you will realize that having a solar panel for your vehicle is one good thing. It is one of the investments that you need to have for your vehicle. You will have the freedom to ensure that the energy from the sun is properly utilized. You will just convert it in an easy manner that is also quick enough. For…