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There are several ways of going solar, including but not limited to grid-connected or off-grid solar energy solutions.

On-grid solar solutions include the installation of solar panels on your rooftop while still being connected to the grid through net-metering. shares tools such as a solar panel calculator to help you estimate the potential for your going solar.

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Solar buyer’s guide to solar panels.

solar panels reviewLearn more about how to select solar panels using the EnergySage’s Solar Buyer’s guide:

Off-grid solar solutions.

Off-grid solar solutions include portable solar generators or off-grid solar panels for your off-grid living, camping, RV’s/Vans, boats or generally used during power outages.

Learn more about some of these off-grid solar solutions such as a solar phone charger, solar generator, solar-powered water pump, solar panels, and RV solar panels and other solar applications as captured below:

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