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How to determine the best solar panels for your home installation?

Best solar panels – selecting the best solar panels for your home can be one of the daunting challenge as put by EnergySage – one of the today’s comprehensive and most trusted online solar marketplace in the USA.

Trying to conduct this exercise may require a lot of time and money and hence what is provided here is based on “common sense” and reviews that have been conducted by for example the EnergySage.

These sources are some of the best resources and are supported by the government to develop such platforms to help people and organizations to make the best informed decisions when it comes to buying solar panels.

EnergySage is one of our partners and has developed a comprehensive proprietary system for solar panels for assisting solar customers to make a more informed decision when it comes to choosing the right solar panels for their installation.

There are thousands of solar panels out there in the market and you want to at least have some knowledge of how to go about your solar panel selection process to select the best solar panels in the market and that meet your requirements. However, there is no one size fits for all, because situations are different based on the needs and wants of your home or organization. According to EnergySage, the right combination of price and quality for your needs will help you determine what solar panels models or brands are suitable for your specific case.

EnergySage assessed about a thousand solar panel models to develop their proprietary system for solar panels and evaluated over 25 variables based on a solar panel’s performance, quality, durability and warranties to come up with a tailored ranking. This ranking ranges from Economy on the low end to Premium Plus on the high end.

Some Premium Plus solar panels based on this ranking system of the EnergySage Solar Marketplace include Panasonic and SunPower solar panels. BenQ Solar (AUO), LG, Peimar Group and Solaria are ranked in the Premium category. Also, most well-known solar brands including Suniva Inc, Kyocera, Canadian Solar, SolarWorld and Jinko Solar are ranked under the Standard category. Hyundai and very other few solar panels brands were ranked under the economy category. However, this is not permanent rating and is reviewed from time to time and this is based on the results of the year 2017.

The EnergySage ranking system has emphasized on the following three (3) aspects of solar panels for their rating system:

  1. Solar panel efficiency
  2. Temperature coefficient
  3. Materials warranty (in years)

1. Solar Panels Efficiency

This is the ability of solar panel to convert the sunlight to usable electricity. Residential solar panels have varying efficiencies depending on what type i..e monocrystalline (most efficient), polycrystalline, and thin film panels (least efficient). Typically, solar panel efficiency for solar panels for your home ranges anywhere between 14% to 22.2%. SunPower manufactures the most efficient solar panels in the market at 22.2%. Therefore, depending on your energy needs and roof space available you might need more efficient or less efficient solar panels. The more efficient your solar panels for your home are, the fewer you need, but the more money you spend because you will be buying perhaps Premium solar panels from SolarPower. However, the consumer and what they prefer for their solar installation will drive these choices.

2. Temperature Coefficient

Solar panels operate well in ideal temperature conditions of about 25 Celsius or 77 Fahrenheit. However, this temperature is not maintained all year round. High temperatures, for example, in summer will affect the optimum performance of a PV system, affecting its long-term performance.

Temperature coefficient affects the general electricity production of a solar panel. The EnergySage ranking system has included temperature coefficient for different solar panels models, for instance, a solar panel with temperature coefficient of -0.3%/ Degree Celsius means that if the temperature of the solar panel was to be increased by one degree Celsius over the optimum temperature (25 Celsius), the electricity production will be reduced by 0.3%.

Different solar panels models will have different temperature coefficient and the higher this value is the higher the losses when the coefficient value is higher and vice-versa.

3. Warranty

This is another factor that is used to assess how reliable a solar manufacturer is when it comes to their solar panel products. Warranties will protect you against under performance or failures depending on the materials used to build your solar panels for your home.

Most solar panel manufacturers will guarantee at least 10 years of warranty and if the panel fails to perform they would replace or repair your solar panel system before the 10 years. The ability of a solar manufacturer to guarantee many years, means they have more experience in the market and have a good financial capacity. A good warranty also means that the solar business can guarantee many years if they know they will be in business for a good number of years for at least the number of years. Some best solar panel manufacturers give warranties ranging between 20 to 25 years and include Panasonic, SolarWorld, SunPower, Solaria etc.

So, how do you determine the best solar panels for your home installation?

As mentioned before, there is no one size fits all situation when it comes to selecting the best solar panels for your installation. However, the above factors as prescribed by the EnergySage Solar Marketplace are important and would give you a general overview of what matters or what to consider when selecting your best solar panels based on design, performance, customer service and the ranking system.

The best solar panels will depend on what you are able to afford in terms of going solar. Hence, the best solar panels you can get is what you are able to find at your desired price or within your budget that you have set for your installation.

That’s why starting at the EnergySage Marketplace is advisable so that you can get your best fit or a more customized solar solution that is good for your specific case.

Premium solar manufacturers have the best solar panels in the market, but the question is whether will they be able to provide you with the best solar price within your budget. Since in most cases you might not have direct access to the best solar manufacturers because their minimum orders may not be within your budget, we would suggest you start with your local solar installers that have direct access to these solar manufacturers. It is likely that most of your local solar installers will buy from these big solar manufacturers in bulk getting the best solar prices for their customer

EnergySage Solar marketplace is recommended as the best place because it has a network of pre-screened solar installers who are qualified through a vigorous screening process. Such a marketplace will help you get multiple solar panel quotes. According to EnergySage, having at least three solar panel quotes could help you to save anywhere between $5,000 to $10,000 on your solar installation hence providing you a lot of savings to help you get the best solar panels for your installation.

Get started today with EnergySage to get the best solar panels for your home and learn how to go solar using one the best efficient ways, that is using a solar marketplace.