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What are Biofuels? Are they sustainable?

What are Biofuels? Are they sustainable?

Biofuels are bio-based fuels that can be used to power vehicles. Biofuel is a broad term that encompasses many different...

renewable energy

Steps to install renewable energy systems for your facility

Unlike non-renewable forms of energy such as fossil fuels, renewable energy systems utilize unlimited resources that are replenished time after...

100% renewables

100% renewable energy

With the increasing awareness of consumers wanting to go green and the need to fight climate change, the private sector has...

renewable energy sources

How profitable is biogas for food processing companies?

Why biogas?  Farmers, food processing companies, and other stakeholders will have an important role to play when it comes to...


Turning food waste to energy using Anaerobic Digestion

Food waste is a global issue causing climate change. Food waste is a global issue that has become a huge...

biogas generator

Biogas generator for reducing food waste.

Going green involves activities that help to reduce waste when it comes to energy, food, water, and how we treat...