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For the last 9 months I have been posting on a weekly basis on this blog, To share some of the most interesting blogs; I have put together  the below blogs for going solar your family and friends.

This free e-Book is a snapshot of some of the blogs that were published concerning a new way of shopping for solar, that is, how you can switch to solar using an online solar marketplace.

Online solar marketplaces are a good source of information, especially for people that are looking for specific information concerning their solar energy profile as well as costs and savings associated with going solar.

Online solar marketplaces are also a one-stop place of information where users can compare costs and prices of going solar. Users can also presented with pre-screened solar installers and thus can compare which installer has good ratings or reviews as provided by other solar consumers.

Also solar consumers are able to answer the question: Are solar panels worth it? from just typing in their home or business address in these online solar marketplaces to pull out their current energy usage information and what it would take them to switch to solar in terms of costs, carbon savings and energy savings.

Below is a brief of the stories of this downloadable Free e-Book . Enjoy and please leave any comments you may have below. Sign up below to download your free eBook


What solar panel financing options are available to you today? Sun, 04/10/2016 – 02:43 from Finding out whether solar panels are worth it.
Despite switching to solar energy having tremendous benefits, it has not come so easily because of the high initial cost of solar panels. However, the economic and environmental benefits you could accrue for switching to solar are much more compared to not going solar.

An online solar platform for information about solar energy options, online solar applications, and sustainability. Find online solar calculators, solar apps, and information about solar PV solutions for different uses.

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