How to go solar today!

go solarGoing solar

Going solar today is simplified by the use of a solar panel calculator and the use of online solar marketplaces that enable users to make more informed solar choices by comparing solar quotes online.

Process of going solar simplified!

Due to the nature of the simplified process of going solar with these tools, online users have the advantage of making the right decisions because:

  • By simply entering an address onto these platforms consumers will be able to determine their solar potential (how much solar power do I need or how many solar panels do I need) based on their home or business address and typing their monthly utility bill.
  • This process is simplified because anyone interested in going solar can make an informed decision about the costs and savings that will occur as a result of installing solar panels on their rooftop.
  • However, the figures obtained are estimates, and it is advisable to make an appointed with a qualified and licensed solar installer/provider to conduct an actual solar energy assessment.
  • These platforms, which include EnergySage, Google Project Sunroof, Pick My Solar and Sunmetrix use LiDAR mapped data to collect specific solar irradiation data that will help to estimate the amount of sunlight hitting your rooftop that can be harnessed to produce solar power.
  • Solar buyers get information that will help them make informed choices based on the performance, financing, and system parameters of the solar panels they want to select.
  • Such online marketplaces have financing mechanisms, rebates, tax credits, funding, and other instruments that help to reduce the overall costs of a solar panel system. Online users can compare and contrast based on the value of financing that will be suitable for them in the long-term.
  • Users can select from a list of financing structures available to them, including solar power purchase agreements (solar PPA), solar leasing, a solar loan, or even cash options.
  • Users get a list of various potential financiers, and it is up to the user to consider which financing partner has the best solar quotes based on the financing method they plan to select.
  • Online users can also ask any questions, and therefore, it is a more interactive process that will ensure they are supported, assisted, and the process simplified for the end-user.

What does this mean to the solar buyer?

We can, therefore, say that the process of going solar has been simplified with the online user in mind to reduce the cost of customer acquisition.

It is up to the solar buyer to contact the solar provider once they browse or create an account to start their shopping process and can ask questions answered through a chat platform or email. The idea is to let the online user decide about whether going solar is right for them.

The platforms are very interactive, and users can find out their recommendations presented in graphs or in simple ways that will help the user to visualize the following using drawings and graphical information about the following solar recommendations:

  • Best financing solutions
  • Best solar panels
  • Best solar installers
  • Best solar quotes
  • Best solar solutions

To start using one of these platforms, you can try out the EnergySage platform to compare the best solar quotes online. Get started here with EnergySage.