Applied Photovoltaics


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By Stuart R Wenham, Martin A Green, Muriel E Watt, Richard Corkish A reliable, accessible and comprehensive guide for students of photovoltaic applications and renewable energy engineering. This thoroughly considered textbook from a group of leading influential and award-winning authors is brimming with information and is carefully designed to meet the needs of its readers. Along with exercises and references at the end of each chapter, the book features a set of detailed technical appendices that provide essential equations, data sources and standards. Starting from basics with ‘The Characteristics of Sunlight’ the reader is guided step-by-step through semiconductors and p-n junctions; the behaviour of solar cells; cell properties ad design; and PV cell interconnection and module fabrication. The book covers stand-alone photovoltaic systems; specific purpose photovoltaic systems; remote are power supply systems; and grid-connected photovoltaic systems. There is also a section on photovoltaic water pumping system components and design. Applied Photovolatics is well illustrated and readable with an abundance of diagrams and illustrations, and will provide the reader with all the information needed to start working with photovoltaics. ‘An excellent introduction to the science, principles and practice of photovoltaic energy conversion.’ Jenny Nelson, Professor of Physics, Imperial College, London, UK ‘The leading research, teaching and engineering group has made another important contribution to photovoltaic education.’ Allen Barnett, Senior Policy Fellow, Center for Energy and Environmental Policy, University of Delaware, USA. ‘This book will make an excellent reference for engineers and scientists involved in photovoltaics. The breadth of knowledge contained within and the detailed equations to support it, as well as being an easy reading style will enable people to get to the understanding of why PV systems are put together the way they are – well beyond rules of thumb.’ Mike Dymond, Sowilo Engineering Pty Ltd for Solar Progress ‘Recommended reading for any course which deals with hands-on aspects of photovoltaic systems and applications. Earthscan should be applauded.’ Tom Markvart, University of Southampton ‘This book focuses on the system aspects of photovoltaic (PV) applications and renewable energy engineering.’ The Environmentalist Contents: THE CHARACTERISTICS OF SUNLIGHT SEMICONDUCTORS AND P-N JUNCTIONS THE BEHAVIOUR OF SOLAR CELLS CELL PROPERTIES AND DESIGN PV CELL INTERCONNECTION AND MODULE FABRICATION STAND-ALONE PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEM COMPONENTS DESIGNING STAND-ALONE PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEMS SPECIFIC PURPOSE PHOTOVOLTAIC APPLICATIONS REMOTE AREA POWER SUPPLY SYSTEMS GRID-CONNECTED PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEMS PHOTOVOLTAIC WATER PUMPING SYSTEM COMPONENTS PV WATER PUMPING SYSTEM DESIGN STANDARD AM0 AND AM1.5 SPECTRA EQUATIONS FOR CALCULATING SUN POSITION CHARACTERISTIC DAYS AND DECLINATIONS SOME INSOLATION DATA SOURCES STANDARDS ALTERNATIVE SOURCES OF POWER FOR WATER PUMPING STAND-ALONE PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEM DESIGN SYSTEM DESIGN FOR PV-POWERED WATER PUMPING About the Authors: Stuart R. Wenham, Martin A. Green, Muriel E. Watt and Richard Corkish all teach at the University of New South Wales Centre for Photovoltaic Engineering, Australia. December 2006 • 336 pages • 246 x 189mm Sample Chapter:


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