Power One AC-TRUNK SPOOL-67INCHES-32PLUGS, Trunk Cable for Aurora Micro Portrait Install


SKU: 130301177460711


Power One, Wireless Communication Datalogger Gateway for up to 30 MICRO/OPTI, with Lifetime Web—based Monitoring Subscription, RF comms, Wifi, PVI—CDD The new Aurora 250 & 300-watt microinverter product offers something new to Power-One customers. The ability to individually link all modules within a specific installation is an alternative to the traditional Aurora string inverters Power-One is famous for. Microinverters have some advantages over string inverters. They allow you to control the panels output individually and offer Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for each single module. They also allow you to control individual panels in different ways and reduce the losses in efficiency in a variety of challenging conditions. ‘Electrolyte-free’ power converter to further increase the life expectancy and long term reliability Outdoor enclosure for unrestricted use under any environmental conditions Increased energy harvesting thanks to the MPPT algorithm which works at the level of each solar panel in any light condition Enhanced MPPT control with reduced DC input current ripple HF isolation to fits any application that requires the positive grounding of DC input terminals 96.5% maximum efficiency Ease of installation by the implementation of a package inclusive of proprietary wireless communication hub Reduced susceptibility to fault. In case of a component failure only the energy produced from one PV module will be lost System Specifications: var docstoc_docid=”148642220″;var docstoc_title=”MICRO-0.25-I-US-CutSheet”;var docstoc_urltitle=”MICRO-0.25-I-US-CutSheet”;


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