SnapNrack Universal Rail Kit, Black


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SnapNrack Universal Roof Mount Kit. Comes with black rails, Universal End Clamps (UEC), black mid clamps and black rail end caps making them suitable for use with black-framed modules. The unique Universal End Clamp (UEC) is a one-size-fits-all time saver that slips inside the module frame – completely out of sight. Cut the rails flush with the modules and finish them off with SnapNrack end caps and you’ve got a system with a flush, clean line homeowners love. Roof attachment parts are sold separately and depend on the type of roof to which the mounting structure will be secured. Simple * SnapNrack’s unique “snap-in” channel nuts are installable along the entire rail section, not just on the ends. * Run module leads through the SnapNrack rail channels for better aesthetics and improved wire management. * One wrench fits every bolt in the system. And there’s no need to drill the rails to connect standoffs and L-feet, ensuring efficient installation and reducing labor time on the roof. Adaptable * SnapNrack is compatible with modules from virtually any manufacturer. * Sliding module clips install quickly and easily and ensure precise alignment. Mid-clips are a half-inch thick to keep the math simple. * SnapNrack’s compact, efficient rail profile reduces material requirements and ensures a low profile installation on any roof. Strong * SnapNrack is engineered for durability and structural integrity in all environments with excellent seismic, wind, and snow-loading protection on all components. * Builds integrity into every installation because SnapNrack’s simple vertical and horizontal adjustments ensure superior fit and array alignment. * SnapNrack’s rain-tight metal flashing ensures absolute waterproofing at all roof penetrations. Developed by Engineers and Installers The SnapNrack system was developed in the field by a team of veteran solar engineers and installers. Their goal was overcoming the limitations of conventional racking and ensuring a quick, efficient installation. Ideal Fit for Any Roof The SnapNrack system has been engineered from the ground up to ensure maximum standoff adjustability for a clean, level installation on even the most irregular roof surfaces. And every roof penetration gets a full metal flashing to ensure worry-free waterproofing for the life of the system. Tilt? Ground mount? No problem! The SnapNrack system allows you to easily configure a racking solution for any tilt. Or, sink pipes in the ground for a perfect ground mount. For tall tilt angle requirements the rails double as legs, simplifying in-field design. SnapNrack Installation Manual:


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