Solivia 3.8TL Delta, 3800W Grid-Tied Inverter


SKU: 130301929494699


Delta’s SOLIVIA 3800TL (3.8TL) inverter offers exciting and innovative features that make installation easier. Not only are the inverters lightweight and compact, they also come with built-in handles and a convenient mounting plate that allows for simple one-person installation. The wiring box is cleanly laid out and all terminals are easy to find and well spaced. Compared to transformer-based inverters from competitors, SOLIVIA inverters deliver the maximum efficiency over a much wider power range. The SOLIVIA inverters have an intelligent MPP tracking that extracts maximum performance from solar panels under all operating conditions. Full power up to 122°F / 50°C ensures maximum yield in warmer climates. FEATURES Wide operating voltage range: 120 ~ 550V which allows compatibility with a broad range of photovoltaic installation types Industrial-grade components with full power output up to 122°F (50°C) Wide operating temperature range: -13 ~ 158°F (-25 ~ 70°C) High CEC efficiency: 97.5% Integrated AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interruption) Watertight and dust-proof NEMA 4 protection rating plus salt mist corrosion protection for secure outdoor installations Convection cooling A low start up voltage and wide MPP tracking to get the most energy harvest from your solar installation Dual MPPT (5.2kW / 6.6kW / 7.6kW) Extremely rugged die-cast aluminum enclosure Lighter and smaller UL 1741/IEEE 1547/CEC Listed/UL 1699B/NEC 2011 690.11 //


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