Suniva Solar Panels Review: Monocrystalline and Multi-crystalline Modules

Suniva is a U.S. based solar cells and modules manufacturer that is known for producing low-cost, high efficient solar panels that provide solar power solutions for residential, commercial and utility scale applications. According to Suniva, it produces PV modules that extend global, U.S. and European testing certifications while helping to lower the overall component costs and increased solar panel efficiency. Suniva specializes in manufacturing both PV cells and modules. Suniva PV cells are monocrystalline or multi-crystalline with an average efficiency solar production of 19%.

Suniva PV modules include the following:

  1. Optimus Monocrystalline Modules
  2. ARTisun Series Monocrystalline Modules
  3. MVX Multicrystalline Modules

1. Optimus Monocrystalline Modules 

These include a 60-cell module series of capacities ranging from 290 to 300W as well as a 72-cell module series of capacities ranging from 290 to 300W. These modules come with a 25 year linear power warranty and a 10 year product warranty. The modules have a 1000V  UL and IEC and qualify for EX-im financing.

2. ARTisun Series Monocrystalline Modules 

These modules consist of a 60-cell module series ranging from 265 to 275W and a 72-cell modules series ranging from 320 to 325W. They come with a 25 year linear power warranty and a 10 year product warranty and are ideal for residential applications as they have an attractive black frame ideal for such applications. They also have a 1000V UL and IEC.

3. MVX Multicrystalline Modules 

These consist of a 60-cell module cell module series with capacities ranging from 260-270W and a 72-cell module series ranging from 315-320W. The durability for these type of models is assured with extended wind and snow load testing and come with a 25 year linear power warranty and a 10 year product warranty. They are designed with a the customer in mind for high performance and low solar panel cost.

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