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Five ways to decrease energy costs

Cutting costs and saving money is essential to the health of any business. But too many small business owners focus on direct spending and not the indirect costs of intangibles such as energy costs. Every penny saved on conserving energy goes straight to the bottom line. Here are five strategies for cutting energy costs in your business. Empower an Energy Manager Put someone in charge of your energy savings and…

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How to reduce energy bill of your business

1. Why energy saving is important? With the growing concerns about climate change and the increasing energy costs, businesses of all sizes, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as large businesses are putting measures in place to save energy and the environment. Many of these businesses are switching to renewables or implementing energy-saving measures to reduce their carbon emissions while gaining their competitive edge at the same time.…

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Energy-saving options

Going solar is a great long-term solution to saving energy, reducing your energy bill, and for sustainability. However, how you maximize solar savings depends on how you shop for solar and the guidance you get as you plan to go solar.  The process starts by wanting to know whether going solar is for you. Today with the onset of online solar panel calculators, it is easy to determine whether your rooftop receives enough…