Posts about going green

How to Buy Eco-Friendly Products on Amazon

In this post, we’ll talk about eco-friendly products on Amazon and how to purchase them. We outline[…]

Eco-friendly products on amazon

Products that are eco-friendly have been designed to minimize the impact on the environment. With more and[…]

solar phone charger

Solar battery charger for cell phone

A solar battery charger not only provides an environmentally friendly alternative to standard battery chargers, but also[…]

electric vehicle

IBM research unveils a new battery free of heavy metals

With the increasing demand for solar powered buildings, solar powered vehicles (electric vehicles(EVs) ) and smart grid[…]

solar lighting

10 ways to green your business and save money

Consumers are increasingly becoming aware of the need to obtain their products and services from organizations that[…]

Easy simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Today the term reducing your carbon footprint is popular in many businesses as well as personal circles.[…]

green office

How to adopt a green office for business

With the growing concerns of climate change and the need to move towards sustainability, many companies have[…]

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